Pressure Nutsche Filter:

Pressure Nutsche Filter:

The Pressure Nustche Filters are primarily used for separating solids from liquids substance. The filter is totally enclosed and generally operates under pressure or vacuum. Further, the spare parts and equipments are fixed with a stirrer mechanism that effectively agitates the slurring while cake washing and grips the cake during filtration. Afterwards, it supports in the automatic discharge of the cake. It comprises of a pressure vessel, where a main shaft rotates and moves in the vertical direction. Our pressure nustche filters are uniquely designed with stirrer blades being mounted on the shaft. It is capable of performing multiple functions. 

Pressure Nutsche Features and Benefits:

  • 1. Manual and Automatic Models
  • 2. Easy recovery of cake in dry or wet form
  • 3. Available in alloy or rubber-lined construction
  • 4. No wasted heel (zero bypass)
  • 5. Designs from full vacuum to 300 psi or higher
  • 6. Wide variety of construction materials available
  • 7. Recovery of valuable solids where the filter cake is the product and filtrate is the waste
  • 8. Permits multiple processes to take place within the filter such as steaming, sparging, drying or washing
  • 9. Accommodates a wide variety of flow rates and solids loadings
  • 10. Porous cakes applications where cakes can build to several inches
  • 11. Pilot Plant studies
  • 12. Further treatment with Nitrogen purges or washes (acids)

Range - capacities from 6 inches to 96 inches diameter in all material grades.

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