This is a combination of filter and dryer unit in single equipment to achieve economy in process, space and energy thereby improving profitability. This equipment can be used in manufacturing process of various Pharmaceuticals, Intermediate Compounds, Fine Chemicals, Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Pesticides, Insecticides, Dyes and Food Products.

The Agitated Nutsche filter is a Nutsche type filter designed to separate solids from liquids, it is totally enclosed and is normally operated under pressure or under vacuum. Additionally, the equipment is fitted with a stirrer mechanism which efficiently agitates the slurry during cake washing, smooths and squeezes the cake during filtration and assists in the automatic discharge of the cake. The ANF comprises of a pressure vessel in which a main shaft rotates and also moves in the vertical direction. Specially designed stirrer blades are mounted on the shaft, capable of performing various functions. A side discharge arrangement is provided, closing and opening through hydraulic / mechanical means. A filter plate is located at the base of the vessel in level with the discharge port. The filter medium, usually a filter cloth, is fitted on the filter plate which is replaceable type.

In addition, a special multilayered filter plate can also be provided instead of filter cloth. In dryer construction heating is provided on shell by limpet in bottom by jacket and through hollow agitator and blades. Vaccume is applied for fast drying.

Features :

1.The whole process of filtering, washing and drying can be continuously carried out in one vessel (the heating jacket is excluded when drying is not required).
2.Wash filter cakes sufficiently with agitator, which has an outstanding effect.
3.Heat and dry filter cakes with agitator, which has a fast drying speed.
4.Automatic discharge, avoiding contamination.
5.CIP function applied.
6.The whole operation process can be carried out safely and reliably under the protection of nitrogen gas.
7.The button cannot be removed. The filter plate is made of sectioned sintered mesh or filter cloth, which is suitable for production of non-sterile API.
8.Compared with the traditional centrifuge and suction filtration vessel, it better conforms to GMP and FDA requirements.

300 Ltrs, 500 Ltrs, 1 KL, 2 KL, 2.5 KL, 3 KL, 3.5 KL, 4 KL, 4.5 KL, 5 KL, 6 KL, 7 KL, 7.5 KL, 8 KL, 9 KL, 10 KL, 12 KL.

Available in GMP model and NGMP model and also in Monoblock type and Detachable type. SS 316, SS 304 and MS.


1.Vacuum or pressure filtration possible
2.Inert gas atmosphere can be maintained
3.Minimal contamination of the cake
4.Very high solvent recovery
5.Considerable saving in manpower
6.Solvents are in closed systems, so no toxic vapors are let off in the atmosphere Personal safety is maintained and heat transfer surfaces can be provided to maintain filtration temperature.

Basic parameters :

Filtering area(m2) Internal diameter (mm) Nominal volume(m3) Filter cake height(mm) Blade lifting height(mm) Motor power(kw) Net weight(kg) Total height(mm)
2 1600 2.97 300 350 15 5160 4400
3 2000 4.78 350 400 18.5 8300 4800
4 2300 6.4 350 400 22 10000 5000
5.3 2600 9 480 520 30 12600 5050
6 2800 11 500 550 30 14000 4600
7 3000 12 500 550 30 18500 5250
10 3600 18 500 550 45 26000 5700

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